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ken abyss...can a bis'tro

air dough le since

a maize inn graze

a maid in grays

fur elise tin'e

phi list ein... fee lus t'ion, fee list'ur'ine; rind?

gif me your h'addled m'assis, to rice an' throw off the yoke of their bird urn

k'night.. mare p'his tof' a lease - tof o' larks

b'lode to the pal is tine

sig mun'd freud, sig nil froid

the ban'shee screed ~  tundra

art is always and everywhere the secret confession, and at the same time the immortal movement of its time ~ Karl Marx

LASIK opthalmic surgery, an eye-saw

googling's passé -- spinning's the s'way

No sane man will dance. ~ Cicero

The morning after the braai'd before, sir loin's wors for the wear, fille' a bash -- the steaks on these two-bean-sa-lads are odd, but they mesh ~ A Pap Fiction, by Barbie Q.

datura stramonium n. pipped at the post, so to speak. Malpitte

power-lines against the sky:  a stave to a song-bird

tabula rasa : tabla maak 'n raas

dunya n.the (material)  world. distracts and demeans. necessary evil. naught for my comfort

children of the revolution: prodigal fallen in Chivas vat, Electra in Versace exile; step-kids forging hieroglyphics

defeat(de feet) n. hamster on its treadmill in its cage. People who mistake same for an odyssey

hooter-nanny n. my neighbour; as in day-and-night #hootenanny ; lacking #adab, more commonly, etiquette.

rookery n. place where rooks nest or buttonkops #blom; also blom spot #lingo #daggaandmandrax #flowersinyourdustbin.

tyranny n. the demand of a phone ringing.? Phone emoting. Animistic state of emergency

dysphonia n. catatonic phone

art brut n. "...of children and outsiders (naive artists and the mentally ill)..." tweeting? Glossary of Fine Art

gentoo n.1) a small penguin. 2) see doos, for #gujispeak

blue-eyed soul n. dulcet toned kragdagtigheid; #stevehofmeyer, exponent of the boere-baroque croon, also the OMO Blues

chacha n.old man, respectfully. endearingly, as in: the chacha does the cha-cha-cha #GujiSpeak

chachi adj. nosey, inquisitive. also chacherig(alt. tjatjerig) #GujiSpeak

chakram n. dizzy, insane person. derived perhaps #chakra. see chopra, deepak. #GujiSpeak

digitalis n. a heart stimulant made from foxgloves; or twit-talons

gulash archipelago n. kids' take on mealtimes. see The Gulag Archipelago (Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn)

fine young vegans n. Fine Young Cannibals without the bite

dude (do'od) n. milk (etymology guji speak), as in, 'the dude's curdled' 

bourgeois democratic revolution: apparatchiks shown their places by carpetbaggers

tristful  n. what you get for having trust broken?

mercinary, n. hired gun with gr/atitude, as in merci (French); distinguish mercenary, dog/s of war, pooch with panache

ambrosia n. not all it's puffed up to be #thegodsmustbecrazy

rock n. perfect inertia, form manifest implacability, yielding infinitesimal gains to force #inmyyard

reasoning n. a strong moot-i ( muti )

lotus eater: a person given to indulgence and indolence, as in #lotustweeter

baksheesh (Pers.), bansela (SAfr) -  a tip, a gratuity, a gift.  Free #chappies with any purchase when I was a #lightie

bread-and-milk n. a veritable sop to the curse of insomnia, although chemical formulations seal the deal. #allopathicvoodoo

diabolicus contradictus parabolus:: with aspirations street parlance for #ingenue

Cinéma vérité : children directing eg crisps for breakfast

 'Youth on the move':  best artefact from the  music catalog of The Bullfrog At The Abyss

 wahrheit und dichtung: truth and poetry

 loco motif: the tritone, augmented fourth, devil's interval - smoke break?

compradore n. matador as conquistador, pockets full of ching. I Ching? #dragoncity  (*ching: cash till ringing, cash till singing); chin chin

 'The coordinates of desire...', The Pervert's Guide to Cinema, Slavoj Zizek" The calculus of love? #tartar #tarty?

 nocturnal pharmaceutical polyfiller:  the thing for this never ending gig, #perpetualmotion

nuages n. what Django Reinhardt does. And the clouds

déclassé: story of my life

tao n. fever; as in, The Tao of Twitter [ety. Guji taal]. Also Lao-tsu, perh. b. 604 B.C. set forth in the Tao Te Ching, magic, superstition

the road less travelled: the aftermath

I'm a fool for your idioglossia #gagga #dagga

recovery: a state of emergency; an askari #toughlove #quisling

night: unusually only offers little resistance. the morn another matter altogether. suffers a sense of itself

night errant: knights in white satin #bloodymoos

life-h'altering mo'mint: sign, entrance to Sack's Hotel Bar circa '69 -- 'All foods strictly halaal'

muttoncurryandrice: funeral food: (sla'm o' sty'l)