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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

seep yer pour trait

Yours' a whirl
Off half share dough
Huff lights
puff Flights
Of fancy'anide
air no dine
Sepia pore traits
Guitar strings
Bro ken
Inn, a cooling hearth


devil leave

burnt, offerings

agarbati, tea-leaves

chakkerbatti, desperate
slip prayer

h'ate man/size/drax

chalky pearl
cause -- demand, 
chalky pill'o-w
in duce -- sleep

a wake.

dull, hunger
over quell, I-d
quell, the curse of nafs
cause death,
j'hard complete.

desperation sought
desecration wrought
consecration better  ( alpha beta ) to
resemble a purl
a portent
...incarnate -- pill

once two, birth-control, pearl'.

all ways

l'ate, pearls.
s'wallow's the poison, liquid too
l'quid pro 


to slumber
for get full, to dream

to die, mor' til'
a death to
free ( to seek)



tattered, tired
tainted and liar'd

chemical strait, 

jacket pros'theses
a prosthetic age fore

my heart
wrestled back

many times.

wrested at
a brink

arrested, blink.

valium, nembutal; mogadon

tegratol, to brain
and seizures
but, for lesions,  mind
convulse the spirit

serapax, vesparax
pax faiz... el

d'urban poison, coy sin
m'jat, a Lot,
(don't look back)
junk food her'lucination
black, lebanese
lebanese... green
opium, to dream
thai sticks
(agent orange hurt)

then err gain, dalmadorn purr gain ativan
stellar got her groove back?
(well eye never)

thorazine, largactil
tricyclic, a/u/nty depressant
anti, convulsant
anti matter door
ante a part hades

the pry mal ... screams
ice cream' gestalt
the rap y
(knot) partial (to) frontal lobotomy
(more,(the) head aches)

ritalin maid, eats better
go batter,
always go barter barmy with coke

de feck tiff detective
in core rectitude barre coed that outta stock
outer sight
auteur mind.
bury my heart
at' wounded knee
pul'sating, still

(grave robbers' all)

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

at the station, it's tickets

The timer tjchoked with his beloved friends, posed-mortem post-funeral, about one or other of all their many cronies they've seen off in as many years.

"We're in the Departure Lounge, waiting our turn -- just saw so-and-so off ...", he'd entertain.

Time, his turn, up; now, mine, to see him off.

The scheduled departures though, as all departures, a nightmare ...

... always to' early, ne'er to' late.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Bird on, a-Wire'd

like a word,
on a pyre;
like a trunk,
in a midnight fire;
i have fried,
inn my way,
to be tree. -- les nerd token