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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

my sister, guard 'ere 'n angel

Waiving the infinitesimal, to a car parked in front of mine, to its blank interior the unwavering passenger-door handle the distance ... she fumbles; most earnest.

Blinking indicators, engine growling, grunting hooter; hands gesticulating desperately: I'!

She nods, all-the-while grinning at the mute white-car, its unyielding door-handle.

The security-guard, waiting-behind-by-her-side-to-humanity's-credit, having signalled my arrival saunters over now to herd her, to my haranguing car.

We drive, finally, to the appointment with her hearing-specialist.

"...but, that car's white -- our's' blue...", i herd. myself. say: "...see...?"

(The name "dura mater" is derived from the Latin "hard mother" or "tough mother",[1] (translation of Arabic umm al-dimagh as-safiqa[2]) and is also referred to by the term "pachymeninx" (plural "pachymeninges").[3] The dura has been described as "tough and inflexible" and "leather-like".[3]