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Friday, 20 July 2012

swallow's, the sky

spur writ
inn, ever the sky;

draws us

sawdust to stardust
drawn on high

stars end sand, end the swallow' sigh

and the end; silent,
ends that breath,
ends knot hours' need; still, stilt'd never Be. 

mine, mother, mind... friend;
clasp' i, clutch' aye,
eye to'o mind heart;
water to'o mind life, she;

will [o'] the wisp,
whirl [o'] the wist;
cusp [o'] the wave, waves always.

waives now still
shimmering, to surf,
glimmering, to break;
surface then
to break,
end a'gain; end cusps,
(of heart) break,
ends surf, sky;

cusps of her wave, waive of her eye,
waters still, distill;
knot the break in my heart,
gnaw swells the storm of mind eye;

cusp [o'] the wave,
o'er the h'our end o'er the break,
heart waive's never, tho' wager' mind eye... waves,
still, waive goodbye