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Sunday, 9 September 2012

a child's poem

all day fight the tear by turn to grin by joke too grim to choke -- better thought the thoughtless fool than thought the thoughtless sop thought the foolish thoughtless sop -- 'til the flood-gates break as a sop foolish thought lest unsafe... now you know, a child's poem

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Saturday, 1 September 2012

garde à l'eau

stick about long enough, you'll get splattered.

speak english, you say? 

ok, gardyloo then.

the bid's and the be's

for, in love,
in religion, 
in hate;

in disgust, 
mind eyes closed; 
thus, it found me.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

sole food (soul foot)

"I've bleedin' haemarrhoids", an old hippie shoe-maker bared as, his sole; hemorrhaging un-staunched: "psycho-somatic though, you know -- anal fissures?" He thought. 

Thought again, then again out loud: "Guess I should stop calling people bleedin' arse-holes".

...gas so.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

sin set

aperitif, 4 parts spirit, 1 part love;
flaky potato, seasoned to bits with salt, pepper, and butter-to-boot; 
wife's masala chicken, 
dash of home-made mustard, tabasco, and a zesty, by far too fresh-for-its-own-good young, most-green lemon 
– shades of a piña colada sinset... 
... sunset, at Roodeplaat, or was that, Ventersdorp, or Standerton.... damn?
bon appétit.

(for Yusuf 'Jeremy' Karodia)


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

law'n min'd

of - f
banquets and bullets,
beggars and kings,
scorched earth dreams,
screams, ice
cream and rings,
catalytic converters,
upheaval and rage;
profits, prophets and doom;
gloom, boom, broom,
to sweep,
in its sweep
matted hair and wound,
to earth,
womb: wonder-kop,

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

to bi- or not to -bi, a mother....

... removed, insistent she un-educated.

... removed, from school at fourteen, distant resonance, hers, Belong; receding echoes [that] swirl and t'will and re-constitute the whirl'd; words that grin as though they levitate and wince while all-the-while, circumscribe, these, its objects... magisterial subjects, inhabit witch to still-dance in the black forest of majestic wake --

-- carafe, cruet, valance ...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

dig it

o' lawd,

let be the digger my imam

and congregation at once, my Grave;

my grace;

his sweat, Be

the only du'a, my only


       ~ a non, as i get

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Monday, 6 August 2012

ken tuck 'y?

the end of the line -- the front-line;

a school-boy, ol'  happy face.

toes'ted stake, now

Wednesday, 1 August 2012


i'm performing at the joburg jazz festival.

i am?

/* no knew's is good knew's */

con brio

... rubato

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Friday, 27 July 2012


"why you say me pan ache bru?! what deed i you? you're, paan ash... pan-cake you!"


"why you say me pan ache bru?! what i deed you?

Thursday, 26 July 2012

games, muster

finally dropped-out the race barely begun twenty five [all] odd years earlier.

[as'p] my games-master at high-school, even earlier, reported: " he's surprised himself [at] something he isn't entirely keen at".

[[un] like] most [[my]] life... tx, George ([the] Bridge [e'roo]).

PS read [the card... 'stru] later, ''It's not the card [you're handed], but playing a poor hand well".

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

the tobacconist

"...hey Rui, you look like a brand new sixpence..."

" won't believe what happened boet -- went to see one of your guys, how you say?, moulana;  and he setting me straight for my gout; not bad for a Pora eh..."

..." if you not careful Rui, you' gonna turn out a better muslim than i..."

"!", brandishing an English Qur'an while w'ringing me up.

(A Winter's Summer's Day Tale)

Heart of Darkness

...the coal-shed.

Monday, 23 July 2012


the devil's leaf

burnt offerings

agarbati, tea-leaves

chakkerbatti, desperate
slipped prayer

h'ate man/size/drax

chalky pearl
cause -- demand, 
chalky pill-low 
induce -- sleep

a wake.

dull, hunger
over quell, I-d
quell, the curse of nafs
cause death,
j'hard complete.

desperation sought
desecration wrought
consecration better  ( alpha beta ) to
resemble a purl
a portent
...incarnate -- pill

once two, birth-control, pearl'.

all ways

l'ate, pearls.
swallow's the poison, liquid too
l'quid pro 


to slumber
forgetful, to dream

to die, mortal
a death to
free ( to seek)



tattered, tired
tainted and liar'd

chemical strait, 

jacket  prostheses
a prosthetic age fore

my heart
wrestled back

many times.

wrested at
a brink

arrested, blink.

valium, nembutal; mogadon

tegratol, to brain
and seizures
but, for lesions,  mind
convulse the spirit

serapax, vesparax
pax faiz... el

durban poison
m'jat, a Lot,
(don't look back)
junk food hallucination
black, lebanese
lebanese... green
opium, to dream
thai sticks
(agent orange hurt)

then again, dalmadorn and ativan
Stella got her groove back?
(well i never)

thorazine, largactil
tricyclic, ant...i depressant
anti, convulsant
anti matter
anti apartheid

the primal... screams
ice cream' gestalt
the rap y
(knot) partial (to) frontal lobotomy
(more,(the) head aches)

ritalin maid, eats better
go batter,
always go battar with coke

defective detective
incorrect bar code that outta stock
outta sight
outta mind.
bury my heart
at' wounded knee
pulsating, still

(grave robbers' all)

Sunday, 22 July 2012

ts'ing ts'ing

hold fast, to everything save fast itself ~ chapter-and-worse.

(raise your glass, raise the dead -- dum maaro dum... chin chin)

Friday, 20 July 2012

swallow's, the sky

spur writ
inn, ever the sky;

draws us

sawdust to stardust
drawn on high

stars end sand, end the swallow' sigh

and the end; silent,
ends that breath,
ends knot hours' need; still, stilt'd never Be. 

mine, mother, mind... friend;
clasp' i, clutch' aye,
eye to'o mind heart;
water to'o mind life, she;

will [o'] the wisp,
whirl [o'] the wist;
cusp [o'] the wave, waves always.

waives now still
shimmering, to surf,
glimmering, to break;
surface then
to break,
end a'gain; end cusps,
(of heart) break,
ends surf, sky;

cusps of her wave, waive of her eye,
waters still, distill;
knot the break in my heart,
gnaw swells the storm of mind eye;

cusp [o'] the wave,
o'er the h'our end o'er the break,
heart waive's never, tho' wager' mind eye... waves,
still, waive goodbye

slow hand (f'or the blues)

... f'or, the soft hand, of child; wrenched -- beside me once, beside my self then, then a... part: betide, eye baneful, glare cold, betide ancient unforgiving moon; 

child, hands blade not nor heed knot, sickle nor scythe bade not, seek not to 'venge i nor seek to wrought eye ; 

child, hands strong, swift to warm, touch' that, so, i let now, all semblance, all pre tense, go.


ash and cinders
ease my fate.


all then ask i
ease, a leaf,  
from thine book? 

(beggars be lief).

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

au fait?

Sultan Bahu, a fate;

admission sought, 

to melt into the annual passing parade at the foot of the passé, pa sê paso doble, ek sê pass  -- mine; drawn

to a drop, a dop this dorp -- bleak firmament, 

from jo'b's manifold cupboard,  rich

the reach --  high never dry ground.

oblique firm 'a mint

verse dim

i n verse, orb verse, die verse. ad verse, less verse per verse

abel cain't

"The blind leading the blind", be feat de feet.

 "The risible en' a-bling the miserable", effete, de feat.

Cain' see the woulds 'fore the très, Able?

(canned can-can'...never-never she recan', but' naked aun' cun' bearable -- can' Kant)

geared sad, go

i sad, said happy be they
i happy, said mad they, be
so sad be mad they

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

my sister, guard 'ere 'n angel

Waiving the infinitesimal, to a car parked in front of mine, to its blank interior the unwavering passenger-door handle the distance ... she fumbles; most earnest.

Blinking indicators, engine growling, grunting hooter; hands gesticulating desperately: I'!

She nods, all-the-while grinning at the mute white-car, its unyielding door-handle.

The security-guard, waiting-behind-by-her-side-to-humanity's-credit, having signalled my arrival saunters over now to herd her, to my haranguing car.

We drive, finally, to the appointment with her hearing-specialist.

"...but, that car's white -- our's' blue...", i herd. myself. say: "...see...?"

(The name "dura mater" is derived from the Latin "hard mother" or "tough mother",[1] (translation of Arabic umm al-dimagh as-safiqa[2]) and is also referred to by the term "pachymeninx" (plural "pachymeninges").[3] The dura has been described as "tough and inflexible" and "leather-like".[3]