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Friday, 23 September 2011

reed wan'

... long-ago, faraway this'tle place; a blaze...pace blu', the Reed. 

'tis B...

Obtained, the resourceful One might since, enquired last he, solicitous,  (h’our) state of mind.

’new yore.

Torn, tattered and bru's, never left tho', for shot gnaw (the) dead... 

...Dust, depth mo'urn the recesses, sacred then more den;mo' din the blithe fore. 

In scrip shin': p.lay, el P'ièce de résistance, rest 'ere, wrest 'ear, wreck ord-inance -- sound, a'life; spindle eye, spin i 'o the storm, gently --  Revolutions 30, Three, end 'a third per min-a-rit, per minute...min 'u et Revolution #9; 'no more know lest; purr chaste pur chase'd, once -- for ever blest; first, cut deep, feist, groove the deepest; woof'-end-the-warp, scratch-end-the-hiss'terectomy…needle end the dam age done --  Forever, to Return, Chick, Corea'door'd i; 'fore ever Jung.

Read one, green 'twas, gold the Valley, k'new Clair...

...two the heart'h