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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

sometimes...'s like god even doesn't know what you've been through

Sunday, 12 June 2011

tap step

[the] journey continue', may the shoes hold, bonds in good stead, strap, step -- tap...tip torp'or  toe

Friday, 10 June 2011

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

tea cha'

toes that can,  tap
toes that can't,  screech

eye de'light
eye d' lies

in san'
in say'n..

un die terred
un in terred
on'ion tier'd?

god's toe

year five.
god saw eye

silhouette, in scarf
gori-marmi, She
kind by good, soft by fat by warm
aura't by turn, by T the'n ice

noor; a'smile, star lit gaze, sky
gaze hers

her womb, clean; pa'k, the wound

nimble fingers; Thimble to gold
stitch, teach, ma'f;  to Hold

gathers, her scarf; tresses, her coal; 

flashes; the Mould

to mortals so, to morsels place
hand-to-mouth, beak to beak
pristine; bismillah, say
dance, thee, she and He, cheek to cheek
heaven to, so prostrate
silhouette, bent in sijda
bent too, my toe; gori-ma, -- see?

by god, by toe
by child, by thee;
by Form

sight to learn, see to lean
too lean; so fat'n for too and fold for her fold
soft, whisper pleat, knits; and weave
mischief, handkerchief, feluda and silk, transmute

then, toe to toe
silhouette, in shadow
by her ember, bow

year five.
god saw eye

-- child's poem: aged 5, pictured god in the shape of his big toe, unintentionally convinced by Gori-Maamy, big and good and fat grand-aunty; so,warm and kind ,he was convinced she was god in disguise, and he never misbehaved, around her. When Gori-Ma prostrated(sijda in prayer on her mu's'allah), her shape in burkaha paralled the 5 year old's big toe, bent, bowed; 'twas was the queerest, beautifullest thing, as god was; like Gori-Maamy

whit o' shade beyond the pail

i mumble in my sleep.

hah! i posit if 'ly  sc-ereeeeeeeeam....

ghosts in the machine, their ghastly light, cast a pall over my aging and frail night mare's eye

t' u be?

pro kill her ra'm...a wh'ole-knew hip-gnosis

hip, knot ich! ...ass my 'mare is wont to bray

a mother's sk'etch

A sufi on being asked about ma'arifa (gnosis )...

... the knowledge, upon attaining, you become aware of the limits (of your knowledge).

...for that reason we (may) pray without cease, "rab'bi zidni ilman war zuqni fahman."

'... o master, advance me, by knowledge, and (true) understanding'

-- for that knowledge (of god) which is unattainable, inexhaustible.

Monday, 6 June 2011

g'host rites

write off, rite of pass'age; pas sage

passé ge

there ghosts be..


Sunday, 5 June 2011

goodbye stranger, supertramp

once; my rib, restored
to loss;
a'gain, to eternity.

she – he; they, too

still, wisps stir
mist in their wake
-- sh'awl,
bequeath'd to sleep

poignant, laughter
their's; fog horns
blur'd the cry

in the Wake,


wisps stir,


Saturday, 4 June 2011

nay, kid...

blind's/igh'd/id/in d. ci sion; to x-hail, to axe sighs..

(This post contains content only suitable for adults)

Thursday, 2 June 2011