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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

spotting lê gi'on's'e l'ion

sporting legends online -- The Front-Line, to the Gaza Strip!

sporty caps, le'djinns en tonics; torn eeks; tornique...

tun'ics; chune eats...

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

stone'd foks c'haste

stone'd fox chase ~ the old grey whistle test... old s'cool'l la'bliss

flue Id

...flau b'ird; flub'ird

...wan flue bid o'er the cuckold's nê'st...

ay pore trit' of''th ar'teste' asp err j'ung man ~ Jeyes 'fluId' Joyst

Saturday, 21 May 2011

draught blu'r

me thod, me toke,

mi'lude, lute, rud'e
Quaa'lude, sin'e qua non
flute, flood, gait, gutter'd
strung cat; high

loot , me ran't, me'late
me O mi O pix'elate

me lathe mi nora, Blade
rasta'r fair yearn bade,

bard stirred, bast 'er bore'n urn gain

me u ow'l, curt ay'n
crepe de chine,  scrip, scrap
scrape; drape, the drake

blu'r in flay'm, glue'd, rude
ru'dder lest shudder say'l

shutter'd n jail'd

dreams in Sigh'd
dyed in dearth
[d' art'h?]

berth, breathe; due drops
du'a  a dop
dew death d[r]ops to res'

[cur turns, tic.curts, torqe.hurts; eat, dregs my feat]

twirling, whirling; Lur'ring
wring, rinse and hang
to poor; to s'pew;  to You
to Me to Be; Vapour
spoor to yon, yore'n, thine al'Ter

swirling, swilling di'stil
spin'e;spindle; stil
blow, breathe; Ru'h...barb
can dil , coal; ashes cold

dar'u, dar'vie?shh, dar'waajo The
Door; the door; the Way't, pa'ssé -- pas'sage!
Pax, my bags: cornucopia
You trope'ye

flay me'in' dance

leer, smear and lure

dans singe;  scorch
car' burn,car' borne, ca'rbon
rings, rinse then dense - Burn;

burn, burnish-shhh;  The
wrap and the gif't; The
car'd box'd, shel ter'd burnt
di'ox ide's of ma''tch

ban'shee, screed t'will, a'ye...
esprit, bottle broke, spi'l't a'ye

book, qa'lam; tab'let 'er
..bu'k-she'e... ssh
sssheet, cal' lic' O
to dust, to 'urn a life, a'lif, a Lief
hard lie B gun
l'am[b] ... meme....

well, com'n then

[an s'wer da' mn faux'kn'ee]

"Sorry sir, I may have the wrong number -- may I speak with Welcome?"

"You have the wrong number"

"Sorry sir"

"No problem. [wh'y..cur'd..]'re -- Welcome?"

[pause][fi'n da'mn faux'kn'ee]

[#well!..come raw'n'gumb'or]

mi stake ad chi'ps

I placed this hand on 
my heart, her hurt, His wound, 
a hot plate once; it hurt, it h'eart

...wound, bleeds all

vodka stead, of vaseline;
snort'd  liver salts, witch
thought...coka in',

glub, glob & coke, that  free base
free-based , vapours and rice

smoke agerbati (incense, out sense) rooi-bard no grow, 
veet'd the bard when it Be, to be

renounce all , pretty girl: turn
out side of her  'twas 
lice,  life ; a mice
nice it, fin esse eat

sentence..sent en ces
sententious, sent yen', tendon
ten den ti ous

she along lost  'n cozen, Eugenic'
eu geni'cs tu? Tu'tu
Ein stein, 1 time marry a cussin'
hair her grasp n pull perforce
wire, wireless, motherless, moederloos
violin an anti-matter; relativ'ity

If  nut' damn relative!
known to n- utter: ich!
damn relative nay..m like E nola (E n Gay n a A bomb)

gay i am.... wear the bomb
Riz, la, cone's as Abraam lay'rd..


gaymode blouses; louses
and fees to l'earn
de facto
fact or
fuck, toe; tum

Fact 'o ry

Friday, 20 May 2011

track tie tills

whirling nerve'esh
muslin; i muse, lime and sash,
a dash, a shot and hash

and dar'u - Spirit The Darveesh

doth drunk n I; an O-
O!men; car'a vain
van and vein
eclipse the caravanserai
enderr(inside), under
god-roo, gin'knee en'counter

root torn, rude lee the Spirit
homeless, dis'still
bottle'd, broke'd, nor
shah, nor shard iblis
with angel nor God
nor beast nor man

gargantuan, gargoyle

the dawn
dark, nest; lest
and less'on my Liege
my Lied, mo'tif

ma'ghreb ma grub
the Muse, ek[One] A'loan
my Friend... friend

with apologies, Reza Khota( good art borrows, great art steals: may i buzruk, be the poet-thief( shakti shakti, u n J Mac for give:) PS u no answer, eye take already:)
whirling nervish
in a drunken caravan
under an eclipse
having close encounters
with up rooted spirits
when the dawn is still dark

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Karen demure

fortunate to journey to the UK in '73, at 16, to complete school, there, people, measures too countless to enumerate, the hydra of the apartheid beast. What glares through the complex haze of that ageing young mind:  my English peers bar none swam, a legal requirement incumbent on schools(i was told at least at mine; think they were conning me?) to ensure that by age16 every student water-safe. To expect the fine nuances of a system of forced racial/class segregation to be savored by anyone who hasn't lived it, I found to my detriment to be ridiculous; far easier it was to allow ridicule on a genuine bewilderment at a soul from a continent, S Africa was the continent, of sun, water & Outspan oranges. Not so stark, perhaps, if they'd also not heard of the Springboks( rugby, earlier bewilderment: South Africa, rugby! Absurd man, just play!). In the context of swimming, even they knew that someone brought the Outspan oranges, Karen Muir ( On my flight back home 3 years later, reeling with things still to pass, I had a window seat, and savoured the privilege

Saturday, 14 May 2011


scribble child note, mother, epistle; other, scribble

Friday, 13 May 2011

Scratch for freedom

I heard/saw this when I was 14. 35 odd years later, the scar has yet to heal. A beautiful wound I daresay. For the venerable Francois Peters. May he live - and strum open tuned chords - long enough to lose all his teeth and forgive me -- and experience Freedom
Richie Havens doin Freedom at Woodstock
13 March at 20:51 ·  ·  · 

gra fit ti

happy belated birthday dear friend, of the spirit Mangalam i know, when de sai man scion i; Ma jest i c, a view; stories corner, special knew! Heep hep, hoe ry, ray maar still!!! happy birthday fai, nat altyd 'n gar da'n girl

PS...mad everyone think eye; know Gard eye am! ergo, crip tic here, tick for a Higher plain, the rare earth of the burg a'fords to some; pearls, pills and paarl, 'rapped in one -- Droopy the special se nie'ce nie'ce nie'ce (sorry, that kinda morning, and you on the receiving end; just know, always meant well( there's meaning? eye hear the whispers. Always, song -- the Valley of the Paarl!)

...and thank you not necessary, two words never mundane...

-- for a friend, on a birthday

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gra fit to

that shoe saw fit,  
gave heart so 'hole, 
to journey, soul 
never could say i voetsek,
ol' leather-hide eye,
'cried no more than know me longer hold
jacket, sleeve 
dis cover,
two a 'ife

~ a true story

lanc ash ire

Northern English, Gareth Barrow is, best friend, school England.

Politic,say I, say he,’ Rake the mook, you’.

Snipe, ‘Not moo-ook -- muck, Gary, muck; subject of The Queen...'s English'.


He grin, 'Right nazi, Boo, white supremacists ruler in your VaderLand like -- Heil Hitler!!!', click heels, strike pose.

Phook that, Ga

Mor' occan green; grin.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

car guard

wife to son, your father'd make more as a car-guard then a writer

bare, ly even