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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

god's toe

year five.
god saw eye

silhouette, in scarf
gori-marmi, She
kind by good, soft by fat by warm
aura't by turn, by T the'n ice

noor; a'smile, star lit gaze, sky
gaze hers

her womb, clean; pa'k, the wound

nimble fingers; Thimble to gold
stitch, teach, ma'f;  to Hold

gathers, her scarf; tresses, her coal; 

flashes; the Mould

to mortals so, to morsels place
hand-to-mouth, beak to beak
pristine; bismillah, say
dance, thee, she and He, cheek to cheek
heaven to, so prostrate
silhouette, bent in sijda
bent too, my toe; gori-ma, -- see?

by god, by toe
by child, by thee;
by Form

sight to learn, see to lean
too lean; so fat'n for too and fold for her fold
soft, whisper pleat, knits; and weave
mischief, handkerchief, feluda and silk, transmute

then, toe to toe
silhouette, in shadow
by her ember, bow

year five.
god saw eye

-- child's poem: aged 5, pictured god in the shape of his big toe, unintentionally convinced by Gori-Maamy, big and good and fat grand-aunty; so,warm and kind ,he was convinced she was god in disguise, and he never misbehaved, around her. When Gori-Ma prostrated(sijda in prayer on her mu's'allah), her shape in burkaha paralled the 5 year old's big toe, bent, bowed; 'twas was the queerest, beautifullest thing, as god was; like Gori-Maamy