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Friday, 20 May 2011

track tie tills

whirling nerve'esh
muslin; i muse, lime and sash,
a dash, a shot and hash

and dar'u - Spirit The Darveesh

doth drunk n I; an O-
O!men; car'a vain
van and vein
eclipse the caravanserai
enderr(inside), under
god-roo, gin'knee en'counter

root torn, rude lee the Spirit
homeless, dis'still
bottle'd, broke'd, nor
shah, nor shard iblis
with angel nor God
nor beast nor man

gargantuan, gargoyle

the dawn
dark, nest; lest
and less'on my Liege
my Lied, mo'tif

ma'ghreb ma grub
the Muse, ek[One] A'loan
my Friend... friend

with apologies, Reza Khota( good art borrows, great art steals: may i buzruk, be the poet-thief( shakti shakti, u n J Mac for give:) PS u no answer, eye take already:)
whirling nervish
in a drunken caravan
under an eclipse
having close encounters
with up rooted spirits
when the dawn is still dark