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Saturday, 21 May 2011

mi stake ad chi'ps

I placed this hand on 
my heart, her hurt, His wound, 
a hot plate once; it hurt, it h'eart

...wound, bleeds all

vodka stead, of vaseline;
snort'd  liver salts, witch
thought...coka in',

glub, glob & coke, that  free base
free-based , vapours and rice

smoke agerbati (incense, out sense) rooi-bard no grow, 
veet'd the bard when it Be, to be

renounce all , pretty girl: turn
out side of her  'twas 
lice,  life ; a mice
nice it, fin esse eat

sentence..sent en ces
sententious, sent yen', tendon
ten den ti ous

she along lost  'n cozen, Eugenic'
eu geni'cs tu? Tu'tu
Ein stein, 1 time marry a cussin'
hair her grasp n pull perforce
wire, wireless, motherless, moederloos
violin an anti-matter; relativ'ity

If  nut' damn relative!
known to n- utter: ich!
damn relative nay..m like E nola (E n Gay n a A bomb)

gay i am.... wear the bomb
Riz, la, cone's as Abraam lay'rd..


gaymode blouses; louses
and fees to l'earn
de facto
fact or
fuck, toe; tum

Fact 'o ry