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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Karen demure

fortunate to journey to the UK in '73, at 16, to complete school, there, people, measures too countless to enumerate, the hydra of the apartheid beast. What glares through the complex haze of that ageing young mind:  my English peers bar none swam, a legal requirement incumbent on schools(i was told at least at mine; think they were conning me?) to ensure that by age16 every student water-safe. To expect the fine nuances of a system of forced racial/class segregation to be savored by anyone who hasn't lived it, I found to my detriment to be ridiculous; far easier it was to allow ridicule on a genuine bewilderment at a soul from a continent, S Africa was the continent, of sun, water & Outspan oranges. Not so stark, perhaps, if they'd also not heard of the Springboks( rugby, earlier bewilderment: South Africa, rugby! Absurd man, just play!). In the context of swimming, even they knew that someone brought the Outspan oranges, Karen Muir ( On my flight back home 3 years later, reeling with things still to pass, I had a window seat, and savoured the privilege