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Friday, 13 May 2011

gra fit ti

happy belated birthday dear friend, of the spirit Mangalam i know, when de sai man scion i; Ma jest i c, a view; stories corner, special knew! Heep hep, hoe ry, ray maar still!!! happy birthday fai, nat altyd 'n gar da'n girl

PS...mad everyone think eye; know Gard eye am! ergo, crip tic here, tick for a Higher plain, the rare earth of the burg a'fords to some; pearls, pills and paarl, 'rapped in one -- Droopy the special se nie'ce nie'ce nie'ce (sorry, that kinda morning, and you on the receiving end; just know, always meant well( there's meaning? eye hear the whispers. Always, song -- the Valley of the Paarl!)

...and thank you not necessary, two words never mundane...

-- for a friend, on a birthday

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