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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

flue Id

...flau b'ird; flub'ird

...wan flue bid o'er the cuckold's nê'st...

ay pore trit' of''th ar'teste' asp err j'ung man ~ Jeyes 'fluId' Joyst

paw'd rit orf the art est ass err junk man ~   je t'aime jui'c

poured rid hof d'aardes esse yonk min ~ Jy' ...

narcissus, nark; nous; id, e[r]go catharsis, cats' per e. go; staccato, stukkend

laught'er, i pray; flit as'phos, pho'r us plea, fly in sec't prey fly; be' at air, ed'i fy;  knot'ty ant nec ta'; fly an'gel my garb -- age one day an d'i

mos'lim  man'na cut'ey piel's
mo's lea'n mi'en for' skein
mos'lim boe'tcher cuts;  boe'tchor kisses

air thick, air eal, air loom
chyme and lime; chime
g'rand law'd gr'an c'lock

aw thor'd, lawaai kin'ks

rag' ed trouser philanthro''read bare

ethereal bro, mi(sh!) ma(sh!) eth nix'd., Arm 'n I a 'ndian;; air thicks sticky --oat 's gruel . Armen ia( Eddy Bazil)

Piazza: '73, sweet sixteen, been kiss't, and the worst year of my lif'; 15 000 miles from home, boarded at UK s'cool where i learnt words like chit, exeat, House-Master(dress't for WW2). Poppy cock, Poppy Dei., poppy dum...broke my frag'ile lil 'eart l'ike pap'err....