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Saturday, 21 May 2011

draught blu'r

me thod, me toke,

mi'lude, lute, rud'e
Quaa'lude, sin'e qua non
flute, flood, gait, gutter'd
strung cat; high

loot , me ran't, me'late
me O mi O pix'elate

me lathe mi nora, Blade
rasta'r fair yearn bade,

bard stirred, bast 'er bore'n urn gain

me u ow'l, curt ay'n
crepe de chine,  scrip, scrap
scrape; drape, the drake

blu'r in flay'm, glue'd, rude
ru'dder lest shudder say'l

shutter'd n jail'd

dreams in Sigh'd
dyed in dearth
[d' art'h?]

berth, breathe; due drops
du'a  a dop
dew death d[r]ops to res'

[cur turns, tic.curts, torqe.hurts; eat, dregs my feat]

twirling, whirling; Lur'ring
wring, rinse and hang
to poor; to s'pew;  to You
to Me to Be; Vapour
spoor to yon, yore'n, thine al'Ter

swirling, swilling di'stil
spin'e;spindle; stil
blow, breathe; Ru'h...barb
can dil , coal; ashes cold

dar'u, dar'vie?shh, dar'waajo The
Door; the door; the Way't, pa'ssé -- pas'sage!
Pax, my bags: cornucopia
You trope'ye

flay me'in' dance

leer, smear and lure

dans singe;  scorch
car' burn,car' borne, ca'rbon
rings, rinse then dense - Burn;

burn, burnish-shhh;  The
wrap and the gif't; The
car'd box'd, shel ter'd burnt
di'ox ide's of ma''tch

ban'shee, screed t'will, a'ye...
esprit, bottle broke, spi'l't a'ye

book, qa'lam; tab'let 'er
..bu'k-she'e... ssh
sssheet, cal' lic' O
to dust, to 'urn a life, a'lif, a Lief
hard lie B gun
l'am[b] ... meme....