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Thursday, 19 May 2011

absolom, and lazarus (t/a Boorany Cache Sto')

space, in my pocket,
the Wind
in my shoe
-- the vagabond's.

pied piper thus
the pauper decreed
poor to'me
stone' end'grave'd.

give Wing; beat
from flight
and fight bled bare,
emptying, to fled the night

of knife a knight so
the knave the maid,

thrust now, heart
in another's, beat

to hand, the flay'm
flair the a light;


to heel, to sole;
to heal, a feat

fair,the feat

fate, defeat.

to bonds -- and to vaga'bonds: shoes! 

Jeremy Karodia a lute a con tea 'newer (élan vital -- e la chi); 

Converse Ta'kkies, PFs ( Patriotic Front's;  and Panchaat For-ums) 

Para Para boots, and ghosts

Wind in my Shoe (in production, perf. Jeremy Karodia, comp.Faizel Boorany)
Vagabond Shoes (in production, perf & comp Jeremy Karodia)