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Sunday, 14 November 2010

rocking the Jalsah

Tameez offered his first formal guitar recital and vocal performance yesterday, at his madresa's annual jalsah: not the easiest date to countenance, given that its thrust is to highlight, in a concert programme,  the Religious Instruction milestones learners have achieved for the year

Music --  instrumental secular music -- is definitely not on the Islamic R.I. curriculum, which is generally hostile to music making.

The lyric, courtesy of good friend and musician Gino, in the form of a protest song, Tameez made his; along with the melody and chordal progression, demonstrating composure in the face of  huge performance anxiety compounded by a potentially hostile audience, who were at the very least ambivalent and confused about a musical item of this nature, usually and glibly dismissed as haraam (just about as taboo and kosher as alcohol and pork)

With beautiful irony, his prelude, at the insistence of his teacher apa Farieda, to the eventually sensitively performed piece was, guitar in hand, the Islamic prayer which accompanies the beginning of any endeavor in the Muslim cosmos: a-u-zuh-bil-lahi-minas-shaytani-regime, bismillahi-r-rahmani-r-rahim(I seek refuge from [the] accursed satan, in the name of god)


And could be my twelve year old's calling card...

PS Then got bitten by a bolshy dog which ambushed me whilst walking back home. Divine retribution. Sins of the father kinda thing?