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Tuesday, 2 November 2010

to a friend, on the anniversary of his sobriety

E. l'even y'ears tomorrow.

Hu would've thought?

Damn min'or miracles daily, and we thought they didn't exist. 

In the end, it's(still) Blind Faith, and Blood, Sweat and Tears. 

Black Sabbath, and  Faizel and The Five Pencils...

Now, The Maver!x ( kinda new agey, ethnic, early retirement home for rockers that survived? Most apt)

Shot (bed pun intended bedly) to you, bru, and wan for the dead, and the dead we knew. And in the immortal words of that man in  Casablanca (k'not the road-house in Hillbrow that serviced our nightly postmortems), '
here's looking at you kid!'

Now, for that infernally lost ScrewDriver. Oh, and two rakaat nafeel plus -- more libations.

Aluta Continua (to all thing re'membered -- your band; the concept too... the struggle so?). 

All Jihad, Awl S'ain'ts now?