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Saturday, 13 November 2010

music, profane and sacred

If you're listening to the latest Lady X offering, droning and dripping pre-adolescent yearning, I would say what's buzzing your attention is not music, but a form of cheap entertainment with a mass marketing machine behind it.

Which in itself, per se, is not necessarily a bad thing - to each his own.

The problem crystallizes when the discussion is forced to defining something akin to the aesthetics of bubble-gum music

Lady X type caterwauling  is categorized as music only because it is sung (apparently) and accompanied by a rhythmic beat (jingoistically tribal, but that's another argument, another time)

Simply, as a category of music, and from an aesthetic perspective, I would register Lady X's latest soft-porn offering as rubbish, on a continuum ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime.

It would fail a test measuring it as decent soft-porn, mainly due to its suffering an identity crisis. How might a marketing boffin put it? Its core consumption ambition is lost, or something like that (I'm not a marketer as is probably obvious)

For a more specific application of the criteria of music quality from an Islamic point of view (being both a musician and muslim, albeit on both scores perhaps rather nominally) , the range might be from ha'raam, to mak'rooh to sahi ( forbidden, doubtful or permissible )

JS Bach, whose music you may not get -- after all, anything worthwhile requires some effort and work -- was a devout and god-fearing man. His genius, and works, were propelled by his spiritual ardour.

His works are good, and sahi I would suggest, regardless of your religious --  or any other for that matter -- persuasion

Point is, if you're muslim and have allowed yourself to be engulfed by a flood of bad music, and couldn't be bothered to discern, and have readily therefore embraced the notion that all music is haram, then you deserve the punitive denial that involves.

Just spare the rest of us the withered and uneducated opinion which commonly accompanies such self-inflicted ignorance