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Monday, 8 November 2010

death of the night watch

The oysa; six bullets, buy Reckoning. By myth, buy legend, by Macduff -- book-keeping, by-line, by day buy-time, Avenging Angel bye knight, Whisk Qui  for wings, bide-time.

The End.

Both. One dead, the other, Fallen -- wheels scream off, skid' row: the venerable Leeson Motors

Filling-station, par axe-see-lance; the well-shod in Wheels, hot-rods and hot-wire, the less-shod hot-foot to score: princely sum of five Rand, vintage '73 for,  foot-long roll of twenty pencils.

Vintage '73 Durban Poison, majaat for the unwary

Murdered, Zulu sentinel, perforce warrior ancient, unruffled by the mute understanding, indifferent beyond will to indulge the caprice, immune so imperious, to the book-keeping foreman's claim , swelled to rage, in authority uncomprehended, authority by fate, by dint of race, language, creed and skill;  urban Brahmin.

Urban Untouchable with Knob-Keirrie, Magnificent Savage.

Menacing now, restoration was in order.

Bookkeeper cum foreman Farook, his own father a muslim-elder, playing out tragedy, signifier incongruously Macbethean, Macduff  attached so far back, Farook no longer existed

Colonial culture, subvert, school-children subvert, Shakespeare theirs: Hauw now brown cow?!'

Where the bowla once leapt, the night to warm, crackling stars to flame, the ma'p'oysa kept, warm...

...franchise Nescafé brands, X the s'pot.

Vigil , drenched finely, in blood...De'caf...

...D'urban Poison, ersatz -- majaat -- k'now