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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


A simpler time, I'd heard this piece many times as a child on the radio.

In '73, Gordon brought the record home, which was then a student share in Lewisham, London.

Gordon, a human sciences student and guitar player at the time, and au fait with musicians and other bohemian types native to the mother colonial land, impacted seriously on my 16 year old will to music.

Through his influence, the records he was listening to (John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, early Fleetwood Mac, John Maclaughlin et al), I developed a deep and vital appreciation for the blues amongst other forms. And uncle Sigmund's psycho-dynamic theory

I worked out the chord progression, and other bits 'n pieces of Albatross accidentally, much like everything else, through excess doodling. In the background lay Anna Freud's The Ego and the mechanisms of Defense. Excellent pastimes really

This is a beautiful and serene work of audio art, its mystique no less for the legend of its composer, Peter Green.

For me, the music speaks, as I hope it will for you, to stillness and solitude, and things resonant