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Friday, 22 October 2010

wind in my shoes

What  to me to had to be the absurdness, insurmountable difficulty, in acting nor feeling normal,  during a period -- my base, South Africa in the 1980's -- when political violence and civil strife seemed normative.

Dealing with (personal) loss and anger against this and embracing spirituality, trying, as a necessary blanket of modesty(serenity, taqdeer) and gratitude -- ' I've got space in my pocket and wind in my shoes'

The video clip was recorded spontaneously at an event after a once-off rehearsal (twenty odd years later)

Composer: Faizel Boorany
Lyrics: Faizel Boorany
Lead guitar: Faizel Boorany
Rhythm guitar: Jeremy Karodia
Vocals: Jeremy Karodia and Ayub Mayet
Performed at Mavr!x fundraiser on 31 July 2010.
Location: Emmarentia Protea Club
Filmed by Fatima Rahiman