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Monday, 4 October 2010

thought for the day

Man is made to be the plaything of God, and this, truly considered, is the best of him; wherefore also every man and woman should walk seriously, and pass life in the noblest of pastimes, and be of another mind from what they are at present.…And what is the right way of living?…We ought to live sacrificing, and singing, and dancing, and then a man will be able to propitiate the Gods.

Plato (Laws, 803)

It is a fine thing to establish one's own religion in one's heart, not to be dependent on tradition and second-hand ideals. Life will seem to you, later, not a lesser, but a greater thing.
           -- D. H. Lawrence

The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance.
           -- Socrates

What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
           -- Dr. Robert Schuller

A preoccupation with the future not only prevents us from seeing the present as it is but often prompts us to rearrange the past.
           -- Eric Hoffer, The Passionate State of Mind, 1954