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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

nuclear fuse muse

My readings (on spirituality) confirm my instincts. one, to purchase a nuclear warhead.

People, all, possess, or possessed are by the geni'us for something, buried usually under the muck and trivia of their lives, too pleased rolling in to allow much to surface

There was a time in my life when i was in control. It lasted all of three hours. and that was usually with Obex, or Ritalin, coke et al. It happened multiple times though. And it helped when frenetic turgidity's the order of the day

Another day, another dollar. 

Into the breech, onto battle untoward with that hoary old thing some persist in dubbing life.The ebb and flow of the day, the waxing and waning of the moon a million times (in) one. Getting nailed, to my own cross is my forte. It's the Sisyphean task of the daily carrying it that rasps. Accompanied by the sound track of my life - a dirge. A paean to my short lived immortality and seriously circumscribed fame.The short leash chaffes, and. I champ on the bit to no avail. Sisyphus again; and the head of the Hydra. 

Let's just have a smoke. No grand opus this bru. Picture book, comic-boo(k), monochrome, but chromatic

Recovery  feels at times like I have to be a crypto-fascist:)

Let this morning begin...

Thin Lizzy, Still In Love With You
The Beatles, Don't let me down

Tired, chilled.

Renew living benignly, in word and deed, with #respect to everything, and all people. Hard. Try's all.  #NotTooOldToRockAndRoll #Ahimsa

Recall how as a young man I put a knife to Mordant's throat because he was being stupid and wiped phlegm on my back. He made amends by giving me cocaine. He was a sycophant dealer in training at seventeen, the scion of a wealthy, upper-crust anglo-jewish family,  pretending to be a renegade WASP. He was bright. Had to be, to nearly pull off convincing everyone he was  a London East-end cockney kid on a special grant at public school wielding a Strat.


The dichotomous pull between (playing) music and words. Playing music has become increasingly personal over the years, and really healing, but mostly in a vacuum.

Words allow(?) a greater connection with the external world.

Anyway, here's to the start of another day.

Alice Coper, I'm Eighteen

Jethro Tull, Too Old To Rock 'n Roll (???)
Stealers Wheel, Stuck in the Middle With You
Rolling Stones,Jumpin Jack Flash
Bob Dylan, Like a Rolling stone
The Beatles, I've Got A Feeling
John Fogerty, Almost Saturday
The Eagles, Desperado                 !!!!!!
Led Zeppelin, The Rain Song
Rolling Stones, Wild Horses

There's a #word for everything under heaven and on earth.What's yours?