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Saturday, 16 October 2010

...heir of the daw'g

unfettered, unhurried...

Reza Khota, with Solly Domingo, natural and gifted guitar players...

[#Babu #Live In #Antananarivo]

Tameez, following suit. If he doesn't burn everything in sight to the ground first in showing all the good qualities of a young man discovering the virtues and mysteries of fire

...gets a good tone, loping  -- much as he is; so always interests, tickles my ear, the same this eve, when I walk in on his bluesy riff work, uncertain and uneven, but nice, rich, warm, round.

... looks up at me, nonchalant, pick workman-like perched in his mouth, and says: Black Dog;  turns back to his muse, all concentration.

Brief synapse gap. Then, epiphany, light's on, voila.

Led Zeppelin's Black Dog ! One of the all time classic rabble-rousing, carousing, lice-killing, relationship-straining, paint-stripping sonic joys. Sonic boom. Boom-ba-ya

... making it his, on his own.

Black Dog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Dog bit (Churchill), me, and now my son

Voila ! Or better still, in the lingua franca of Jozie, Eish! Shot! Ma-a-sha-llah! Ouch but eaze so-o ni-ice!

Per'shash !