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Saturday, 16 October 2010


its advertising, branding -- y'our 'rand. It's free!

[It is. really?]

ad vert'ego

y'am a run a way whore'n, free'k whey. the wird. the gourd awf ul d.git al d. men't ya; i say'd B', and you were, fash ioned out of b'its. run, run, the harder you run, the aarde to 'ide, your 'id' as brittle as your air vi ta': e vi ta, you whirl re'turn

di'a lect of skid zo' free n'ya? jis' say 'no. jis' du'a it. ban'k, your gourd on life. vi'abray't with co(s)mic vestness, yesness...

nerv'ous  cur leid oh scope
vacuous, d. c'it; re c'eat
pew t'rid plas tic

plas mapew ta'tiff
plugg Ed. inn pee'pearl

p. purls
s'weet s'wine
everywear yore d. pend en' c
d. ji till t.its

obese, pampered, ova air due catered me nee'ls, 

o'vine, nerv'  is hair bits, mist ache'n  tell err'nts. 

The F'rocky Sh'locker Ico'nah Shew