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Thursday, 14 October 2010

storm, in a crack

With the first rains, the little remaining good sense on the roads in South Africa runs away, down the unmaintained storm-water  drain system --  already clogged with raw sewage and libertarian littering habits.

Drivers become (more) lawless. It's every man for himself, and God for all.

Except for the minor fact that God's given up on us recalcitrant Lot and fled the scene of his subjects's crime.

And the headline act? How do you disappear R44 billion? Why, budget it to the Houdini's of education. They've an act you and your children can't afford to miss

PS The same mandarins of magic,..and for our next filler act, we don't let the sh*t hit the fan, we let it rise ever so effervescently, metaphorically speaking, and literally through our drain-water system. We fiddle whilst the place floods. After all, it's just a variation on what that great bwana of European civilization Nero exemplified