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Saturday, 9 October 2010

looking at the river f'low

...small peace's, writ large'ss ..

... at nineteen; post release from a sanatorium where one might be held to loss of control, pharmaceuticals and (other) oddities, obtained, perused to the gains of a [high Ye!] il'im, to Know, un der stand

... child  l'earning , yearning, rest'o'ration...

...rough, always still, once-off re'hear'sill, the piece 30 odd y'ears later,  vocal/expression Jeremy: protégé-brother-teacher-warrior-muse-enemy-friend; the Yusuf, grande sun of the grande matriarch A'pa-Ma

...for You

Ps...he fuck'd the lyric up, from the time we qi'ds, Yusuf,  I Vent 'he Terre Bul....but as Bibi taut, "..ease n'er mind...", small smacks, nix neks, "Je' roam loy for you, most loy el for you..."