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Friday, 17 September 2010

Rashid Vally, my friend's brother

When the formal light of learning and advancement is, perforce, madethe preserve of the few, it's the rich spirit and indomitable character of people like Rashid Vally(Abdullah Ibrahim et al)that carry us, and keep us from being completely removed from the contemporary, and from our own(made hidden by the insidiously devaluing tentacles of the old order) larger, diverse, and rich personal and socio-cultural history(s). The damage of apartheid manifested at a micro-cosmic level too, as an example, in the constricting and narrow constructions we had/have(foisted upon us)in our cultural and religious embrace. With the rapid advances in communications technology viz. the internet, over the last span of years-and the advent of democracy in SA of course-, it'd be too easy to take for granted exactly what people like Vally and so many others,inadequately credited, helped keep alive.