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Friday, 24 September 2010

post jumma lunch easy, attention deficit in-order

My son's working his guitar, picking-and-strumming his way through Stairway to Heaven, off his own bat (with a little assistance here and there of course from his mother and I, friends Reza and Jeremy, and his teacher Paul).

Sound stuff, this.

Experiments on the 12 string, the steel string, the classical, tapping, hammering on-and-off, percussing (on) the thing.

Never forced or compelled him. Didn't want to try live my thwarted ambitions through him. He just more-or-less over his 12 years on the planet, would pick-and-fiddle, bash, claw at the thing, as it suited him.

School had been complaining -- interminably. Teachers, OT's, even the shrink, kept saying to us, he's short attention span (what's the current jargon, attention deficit disorder?) A little defensively perhaps, I would say, to myself mostly, well who isn't?

Most apparently successful, well-adjusted careerists can't sit through a meeting without drifting, picking their ontological noses, or fantasying about fornicating (with) the secretary, or some such, and that's OK. Capitalism seems to be built effectively on the idea of A Portrait of The Yuppie as a Young Man (nothing inherently wrong with that, pretending that it's otherwise is).

And some of those, the secular priesthood -- neo-missionaries,with a chemical attitude and power-suits for qurtahs -- who've been co-opted to oversee the wellness of the system and rationalize it, reap the dubious rewards of stigmatizing healthy children.

Give me the Ritalin actually, and finish off the act for the day, with the Valium or, preferably, the barbiturates there's a stockpile of. Weapons of mess destruction.

You've forgotten what you were like at age seven, or so? The magic of perception. The freshness of experience dismantled, frontal lobotomy style, by a mind-numbing system housing killer-boring, fractious adults posturing tiredly as teachers for 6 tedious hours at a stretch, daily?

Tameez is a dreamer. I know, he caught it from me. And because they've quarantined me on-and-off for this infectious condition, have been saying to him, "my china-little, you got to learn how to get effectively through the system, learn to work it, else you're gonna have issues".

Seems he's been figuring the stuff out himself anyway. He's doing alright.

And making sound noises for the coolness of a father's ear , whilst he works things out

Thought for the day(via
Truth shouldn’t always be revealed. One should be careful , by repeating the proverbs, generated by hypocrisy and misunderstanding ( Abai, “Book of words”, 29 word)