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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mikayla's friends

Beautiful kids,  Rumana (12),  Zafeera(7) and Uthman(2) .

They spent the afternoon, near half-driving me crazy. Uthman took a tumble into our micro-fish pond. Old curly-top proceed to regale us at a chaotic supper with tales about how the orange shark bit his Achilles heel.

I asked Zafera if she minded my calling her nani-ma, cause that's what she is. To everything she replied with a mindful, " jee",

Mikayla and Tameez were amazing too, constantly monitoring and being responsible for their younger friends, occasionally checking on me too!

Miss Raisa though

Love these kids

PS It's the spring equinox , spectacular moon, and I've had the most physically demanding day. Work output abysmal