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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

death of a salesman

Because the deceased are evidently unable to defend themselves, we're not to say anything negative about them.
My own past is anything but clean, and I have had to find the balance between challenging my social misfit(ing) norms then without disavowing who I was/am entirely, in order to integrate and live more effectively without becoming an entirely pliant and plastic automaton.

Thus, it wouldn't be insulting to say, vis-a-vis Shiraz B.,recently deceased,that I saw and experienced first-hand what it meant to live as an archetypal outlaw, on the margins. The details I omit, because not everyone who may read this will understand it the way intended.

Suffice it to say that I'm a big fan (without endorsing the content) of Martin Scorcese's 'gangsta' films, like GoodFellas, Casino etc., and the tv series The Sopranos.

Joe Pesci's portrayals in these films always associate in my mind with Shiraz B., the stereotype of the easy-going, lascivious, funny guy,  violence bubbling menacingly just under the surface.

PS Death of a Salesman (Viking Critical Library)